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2022-04-13 22:52
Design has never stopped exploring for spatial expression. The meaning carried by architecture is no longer limited to the “function” built by its physical form, but also the collision of space-time, culture and spatial, breaking the dimension of the traditional space structure.

What we are seeking is not only to create a new commercial space for the brand [DOL Wedding Unity], but to stand on a broader spiritual field, with an international vision and transcendent expression skills, through integration, collision and experience, linking human and space in a multi-dimensional way. Therefore, the aesthetics of space can cooperate with people’s life to a better extent, releasing a greater possibility.

维度界面 · 穿梭灵魂
The unique shape and non-paradigmatic use of color separate past from future, love from wedding. This strong sense of interface can better shape a distinct sense of ritual.

A space completely deconstructed in art and love, a commercial space with independent attributes and brand tone, can fully serve customers with a strong desire for interaction and immersive sensory pleasure. The most romantic fragrant ditty will be played at the priceless moment when they are welcoming the new family.

The pure colors and bright lines create a spiritual realm that does not fit to the real life, in which a striking beauty was embedded indicating a spatial experience different from everyday life. DOL Wedding Unity hopes to use this untraditional form of color expression to awaken clients’ care about love and family.

For every newcomer who steps in, the sensory spatial experience always takes precedence over rational value judgment. Commercial function is no longer the only criterion to measure the effectiveness of space. And the rich imagery released within the limited scale can more effectively dissolve the interface between commercial space and artistic dimension.


The space is separated from the outside environment through the clashing of colors and the leaving of blank space. The unique red art installation falls from the sky, conveying energetic, passionate and vigorous emotions in a strong contrast with the rational perception of space. The intersection and overlap of the blocks and the interlacing and turning of the structure allow a richer imagination for its existence.

Undefinable is all what this installation and this space are trying to express. Love is not merely interpreted by warm colors, and the holy view is never monopolized by any color. Through the spatial installation, the designer hopes to convey the blessing to each person and the interplay of their knowing, embracing and loving each other in this space.


Waiting and staying, rational tones and sensual perceptions achieve metaphysical unity in conflict and contradiction. The visual effect of space is never derived from the use of structure and material, but in the mutual echo and connection of each element.

As far as we can see, the rational beauty of space includes multiple meanings in the power of introversion. Light and shadow interwove, the uncertainty of design and the complexity of thinking coexist harmoniously, waiting at this moment with the hope for the future. Countless possibilities will become reality one by one, and all the romance will be fully released.

精神洄游 · 创造现实
The beauty of ritual is born between the solemnity of the heart and the solemn elegance of the form. The interface of the spatial sequence is concealed by the blurred design language in three-dimensional structures. And the curves above the space seem to be derived from the romance of the classical arch.


Super art symbols echo and connect with each other, presenting unspeakable beauty in different perspectives. It is a grand rhetoric as well as a grand ceremony. The rhythmical nature of space converges into a solemn tune, interpreting the beauty of life and wedding ceremony in the rhythm of time-space.

Meeting and living with each other in different times is indeed a most beautiful poem. Standing on the top of global vision, DOL Wedding Unity deconstructs and reconstructs the space, leading a new trend with surrealism. The design is not a simple superimposition or matching of elements, but a new creation between elements and human perception. Here, this creation means beauty, hope, the love carried by this ceremony and the new futures.



In the current urban society materialized by consumerism, personality, aesthetics, art and emotion are gradually losing their origins, making the interpersonal relationship more and more delicate. The purpose of design is not to cater to the preferences of the masses and vulgar interests, but to explore the relationship between people and space through elegant aspirations, leading people to re-examine the current situation. In the experience and perception, the spiritual connotation can be truly touched.


We blur the spatial boundaries between standing and sitting, walking and stopping, and draw people closer to each other in the process of using. By deconstructing and reconstructing the space, we impress people with a sense of refined beauty. The open rest area has an extremely spacious visual experience. The white and black enriches the texture of the space meanwhile releases the redundant emotions, inspiring people’s senses and resonance with pure beauty.



Using pure white as the base color of the staircase, the steps collide with the red orbs between the treads to achieve the multi-dimensional interplay and balance of modern art. The minimalist form and holy aesthetic construct an artistic field between light and shadow which belongs to the romantic spirit entirely. The height of extension and horizontal depth are consistent. A strong artistic atmosphere instantly permeates as you stepping up.




超越定义 · 重赋新生
When the abstract expression intervenes in the state of “entering”, a unique artistic beauty emerges from it. The scale of space is extended in this macroscopic creation process, which greatly enhances the connection between human and spatial dimensions, and enables the deep integration of material perception and physical experience.

The VIP room is greeted with electric glass doors, giving a profound sense of technology and ritual. The multi-dimensional mirrors inside fully amplify the visual sensation of customers and extend the dynamic line of the space, avoiding the outside interference while allowing the spirit to penetrate and regulate in a natural flow.

We use pure and deep black as the theme, in the clash and interweaving of colors, to explain the most human emotional expression. The medium of space can give the most direct power to the soul, and we hope that this independent property will be passed to everyone who comes here and loves each other, leaving them with an unforgettable experience. Internationalized creation is not an aesthetic category, but a transcendence and integration of full perspective.

We break the interface between time and space, realizing the emotional interconnection between space and human in a newer and more trendy art field. We use mirrored elements and quiet light to create a mysterious and ambiguous atmosphere. So that when people travel through the art installation and wander in the space, they can find their own spiritual feelings, find the first desire of knowing and keeping with their loved ones, and find the most tender secret themselves.


The creativity of this era is the perfect combination of space and humanity. With the superposition of artistic and spatial attributes, the relationship between people and space becomes closer and closer whereas the concept of boundary becomes more blurred. There is no exact definition of space, and the ambiguous uncertainty ensures space many possibilities, and the human experience in space becomes infinitely rich.




▲Explosive View @ 爆炸图

▲Plan @ 平面图
Project Name:DOL Wedding Unity
Project Location:Dongcheng, Dongguan, China
Design Area:400㎡
Design Date:March 2021
Completion Date:October 2021
胡智强 / 壹无界设计
Chef Project Designer:Hu Zhiqiang / Limitless Design
Project Photographer:Ouyang Yun
Copy Editor:Qingge Media
千辰灯光 / 陈泳海. novacolor 涂料
Special Thanks to:Qianchen Lighting / Chen Yonghai. novacolor Paint

Thinking about the relationship between space and human in an international perspective, not being limited. Using cognitive dimensions and boundaries to break the inherent constraints, tap into the emotional value and release the “freedom” closing to the heart.



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