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Space vitality
Color is an art
It is the expression of personal emotion
and home Aesthetics
Using this magical color effect
Distribute red and blue in each area
This is not a simple combination or stacking
The design of primary and secondary
order conforms to the spatial composition
Behind the bright colors
Showing the mark of the times




The chic apartment is full of artistic atmosphere, wrapped in a red and blue. The unique feature carpet is designed as a translucent color cover that brings red hue pop lounge. The sculpture blue base chair sits brightly on the red tone. The round rectangular coffee table complements an unusual smooth profile, with a huge red chandelier suspended above the loud lounge design.



The long, curved kitchen leads to a curved flat kitchen. Two blue window frames make up the color elements, while the natural wooden chairs warm through the vast space of white tiles. A wooden frame and white tile bench recline under the blue modern staircase, with dark cabinets balancing the white kitchen decor.





Its a delicate scheme with elegant modern furniture. This time, a cool gray canvas was used to destroy the red and blue elements rather than the basic white elements. A unique coffee table rolls a gold element into the center of the spacious living room. Under the elegant floor, the matching gold sculpture side table glitters. At the back of the open living room, the baseline of the gold cabinet runs through the kitchen, and a pile of ruby chairs is decorated with a single sapphire.




A pile of ruby dining chairs are upset by a single sapphire, and the balcony door on the floor ceiling sprinkles natural light on the colorful luxury dining room. The sunlight passes through the transparent plexiglass legs on the long rectangular table. The chandelier in the modern restaurant emits a huge halo on the length of the table, adding another touch of gold to the luxurious room scheme. The living room walls glittered with neat modern fireplaces, burning as brightly as the red deck chairs next to them. The golden countertop sparkles with black and gold claffey, the bridged bench connects two separate cabinets, one is the kitchen sink, the other is the kitchen counter, and a striking gold chimney extractor descends onto the grate.


Although red and blue are not completely opposite on the color wheel, they are very close. This conflicting quality allows the two boxes to be balanced and tame in bold combinations. The sharp contrast evokes a bright combination that looks daunting, but the simple white border is full of vitality and joy, which also brings great warmth.






In order to avoid excessive saturation of colorful elements in the blank, you can use neutral gold wood thread or smooth golden tone to break the cold space. In this collection of professional interior design to illustrate how to achieve this balance, whether the home style is compact minimalism, artistic chic, or complex elegance. This red and blue one bedroom apartment is designed for young female homeowners. A nested coffee table brings the first bright red color, which conflicts strongly with the dark blue sofa design. The black floor lamp is in sharp contrast to the white wall.






The white kitchen continues the colorless boundary of the room, and the red and blue elements are this minimalism. The storage room disappears in the white wall treatment, the White Dining Room chandelier obtains the attention shadow with the thick texture. Perimeter lights highlight the decorative shape of the living room wall. Round table table will be wood tone elements into the scheme. The top of the wooden dining chair is covered with cheerful red cushion. The white modern fruit bowl continues the white dining table line. The color coordinated faucet and integrated oven blend quietly with the white kitchen on one wall.








The terrazzo headboard brings a touch of color to the white bedroom. The modern bedside table is illuminated by the black headboard. Minimalist free pure white wardrobe with no beds, finished on the TV wall of the bedroom, and slim drawer units serve as media shelves and condiment tables. The white vertical radiator, wall mounted toilet and modern flush board sink into the colorless background. Dark terrazzo floor and light terrazzo shower wall bring vitality. This ingenious use of space can also make toiletries, clean away from the sight area of the master bathroom. Red vanity unit Lord bathroom, terrazzo tiles form an active back panel.






This is the apartment of a young Moscow oil merchant and his girlfriend, who lead a very active lifestyle: hard work during the day and energetic at night. The task is bright, modern, but relaxed design.. Large kitchens and long tables do not need to accommodate a large number of guests, and owners only eat light breakfast at home. The kitchen of the high table is designed to be dark brown, with a sharp contrast between white and red. It includes repeated red in the living room area, bar stools, bright refrigerators, brutal steel and leather armchairs, and walls painted light gray.








This color doesnt look dirty in the twilight, and is an ideal basis for brighter colors. Even blue tones in modern art look more interesting. This lamp has two uses. The main lamp is very practical, but the private light is provided by the designer with pendant lamp and backlight. The design concept of the bedroom is the same, the fiberboard behind the bed is bright. This bed has invisible props that look like flying, and these lights are asymmetrical and fashionable.





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