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Each house has its own unique story and artistic taste. The interior design inheriting classics and curios is like a labyrinth full of secrets and infinite charm. Every time you enter and immerse yourself, you will get different insights. People waiting to understand it will explore and explore its wonders.
Qiqu antique apartment

The designer built a listed building at a popular location on the edge of downtown Stuttgart. The new apartment spans two floors and the floor plan is an unusual cone, like a cake, turned into a vibrant antique cabinet filled with souvenirs and inspirational items.



The feature of the building is the layout of its individual rooms around the central corridor. The layout has been carefully modified to respect the architectural status of the building, creating a spacious, open dialogue with a shift of vision and overlapping perspectives. The light gray Gallery corridor gives people a sense of optimism, forming a cabinet full of travel interest. The eye-catching elements from the Indian wooden stool attract you to the space, highlighting the trapezoidal layout suction effect. The black herringbone parquet floor runs through the whole apartment, giving the whole room a flowing feeling, creating a strong corresponding figure of typical middle-class williamsmann architecture.







At the top of the corridor is the living room, which is a salon style space with strong contrast colors, strong graphic elements and large forms. Lemon yellow bookcase against the light blue wall. Deep velvet carpets and bearded chairs with striking geometric patterns are not so much furniture as works of art, which are surpassed by expressive pictures and objects on the walls.
The two intersecting shapes of the ceiling take over the circular theme, echoing at multiple points in the room and illuminating life at the same time. The restaurant is mainly made of textile materials, such as dark green silk wallpaper, Uzbek ikatb, Indian silk embroidery, Lao textiles and African knitwear.






Ceiling murals bring extra vitality to the space. In the middle of the room was a large mahogany table, surrounded by a variety of chairs. One end of the table is painted black, and this shiny reflective surface creates a bridge to the piano and a smoked oak sideboard hangs on the wall. Part of its black paint front looks like a broken mirror, dissolving the firmness of its form.






Hand woven paper curtains reflect the theme of textiles in a more abstract way, and form a charming contrast with elegant, heavy, light brown cotton. The far end of the dining room and salon is connected by a small room with bay windows. Here, the graphic features of the room and the textile materials of another room are blended in the specially commissioned psychedelic wallpaper to form the provocative background of several colorful artworks.






In contrast to the soft natural materials of the furniture, the strong light of the golden blinds entering the room shines brightly in the sunlight. In the living room, there is an asymmetric curved wall leading to the stairwell, which is the only room to retain the original oak parquet floor. The wall of the room is pasted with English wallpaper, which has rich jungle theme.
In front of the dark gray smoked glass wall, stands a life size Trojan horse, more exotic. Hanging lights emerge from openings in the ceiling and hang above the horse like a rider, creating a connection to the upper floor. The upper level is reached by stairs to the indigo treads and dark green stringers. Starting from the stairwell, there is a double door leading to the bedroom, which is also a library. Bookshelves from the floor to the ceiling are covered with longitudinal walls to attract your eyes into the room.


The mirror wall of the dressing room emphasizes this deep impression, and the dark wood of the bookcase and sideboard plus the elegant color of the wall give the room a delicate feeling. Soft carpet and bed leather support a quiet, elegant space impression. A dark door in the mirror wall leads to the dressing room and two large white wardrobes.On the right side of the corridor is a spacious bathroom with salmonello design in harmony with limestone floors and walls. Mirrors expand the space and create optical bridges to other rooms by reflection. The stand-alone lavatory is made of mahogany and overlapped mirrors form a powerful center around the separate bathtub and walk-in shower.
Dream luxury suite



The concept behind this dreamlike luxury bedroom suite in San Francisco is inspired by the modern love story of David Bowie and his supermodel wife Iman. The palette, based on black, gold and cream, is an iconic recognition of Imans timeless charm.





Bowies influence on his avant-garde 80s rock star atmosphere is through a geometric curator angle, from furniture selection to custom upholstered wood furniture interior decoration.




The bathroom has a custom marble floor pattern, while the sculpted bathtub with a blue background is more charming. Bathtub, a graphic screen stands on a multifaceted artwork while protecting wallpaper from damage. As one moves towards vanity, a floating Cumbria pool draws everyones attention to another piece of art inspired by the Muse behind the main suite.
Collection style foreign style





Customers want a kind of exotic home style with cultural concept, and the living space design needs to be full of taste and taste. In addition to the proper selection of finishes and materials to meet functional family needs, the style is reflected. The design concept carefully selects modern and retro styles to create a harmonious, art driven collection appearance section. The combination of material and texture, royal blue pattern and color play an auxiliary role in chairs, pillows and carpets.






In the study, dining room and bathroom, a large number of white matching floor tile patterns and decorative paintings are used to show the customized creativity in this artistic home. In addition to the convenience of use, the customized bookshelves and bathroom benches are designed to create a kind of home comfort and unique living taste.










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