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Nordic style is a natural style that advocates nature and rustic countryside. The design style reflects the simplicity and delicacy of log color, without exaggeration and redundancy. The overall use of light warm color, hard clothing is not light but not cool, embellishment color through soft cloth, jewelry to reflect the gentle temperament and unique temperament.

比利时建筑师尼古拉斯·舒布鲁克(Nicholas Schuybroek)以低调优雅的敏锐感觉,设计出简约而温馨的空间,他对平衡感、空间感和材质精益求精。如果你还不了解令人羡慕的审美,这间巴黎公寓也许是对设计界美丽世界的第一次完美窥视。
Nicholas schulek has a delicate sense of space and a sense of elegance. If you dont know the enviable aesthetic, this Paris apartment may be the first perfect glimpse of the beautiful world of design.



Schuybroek kitchen and bathroom, merging three small rooms into a single, spacious living / dining room. White background, log decorated furniture and accessories bring a range of logos, including tulip chairs and chandeliers. The small kitchen is wrapped in brushed oak panels, and the glass walls let the sunlight through. The white marble wrapped kitchen island provides a material contrast to the main living area. Strict restrictions on color mixing are taken to more private parts of the home, as well as oak panelling warms the bedroom.




设计师Ashley Botten从食物、时尚、艺术和建筑等世界中为奢华内饰汲取灵感,努力寻求创新解决方案“贯穿每个房间的丰富情感流”。在绿叶环绕的多伦多经典住宅拥有一系列永恒细节,从玻璃窗到美丽石膏制品和硬木地板。与传统细节形成对比,清新的白色配色方案点缀糖果色家具、大胆的艺术、天然木材和混合金属。
Inspired by luxury interiors from the world of food, fashion, art and architecture, designer Ashley botten strives for innovative solutions a rich emotional flow through every room.. Surrounded by green leaves, the classic residence in Toronto has a range of timeless details, from glass windows to beautiful plaster and hardwood floors. In contrast to traditional details, the fresh white color scheme embellishes candy colored furniture, bold art, natural wood and mixed metal.




客厅一个Pierre Frey软垫沙发以柔和粉色天鹅绒作为舞台中央。一对当代躺椅与设计简朴黄铜落地灯,增添了几何学趣味。一张布克莱软垫躺椅衬托出纹理感的石灰华边桌和一盏20世纪50年代的谢尔盖·穆耶壁灯。在餐厅里,保留了金箔天花板,称之为“算术时刻”和“光线充足”,房间中深思熟虑、有凝聚力的一层。沿着远处的墙壁,一张Dean West照片作为第二块颜色挂在苔藓绿甲壳虫椅子上,吊灯使整个空间更加完整。
The living room has a Pierre Frey Upholstered Sofa with Soft Pink Velvet as the center of the stage. A pair of contemporary reclining chairs with simple design of brass floor lamps add geometric interest. A Burkle upholstered deck chair sets off the textured travertine side table and a 1950s Sergei Muye wall lamp. In the dining room, the gold foil ceiling, known as arithmetic moment and plenty of light, is a thoughtful and cohesive layer in the room. Along the far wall, a picture of Dean West hangs as a second color on a mossy green beetle chair, and chandeliers make the space more complete.



The main hall is the library, which is a perfect combination of business and entertainment, with a large floating bookshelf and a comprehensive bar. An armchair adds a sense of solemnity to the late 1950s, while the contemporary synapse pendant and the terrazzo coffee table next to the room represent the classics of the future. Master bedroom, intentionally white and neutral tones create depth and space. Although it seems very simple at first sight, the ingenious combination of color, texture and density brings a gorgeous ending to the family.





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The citys Michael K. Chen architecture mkca demonstrates the amazing renaissance of a historic Manhattan townhouse. This remarkable building, built in 1879 in the elegant upper east side of the city, has become the center stage of Manhattan design with its bold new Greco style, continuing its reputation at the forefront of the industry to recognize the historic significance of the house.





入口,铣削木天花板与反镜相映,新Grec遗产原始清晰结构细节在前厅受到尊重和审视。精确的几何楼梯通向客厅地板,在这里设计作品与当代定制家具无缝结合。Yuzu Ono铝制艺术品上蓝色颜料的舒缓色调与MKCA的定制丝绸地毯相呼应,使整个空间散发出一种平静的魅力。
The entrance, milled wood ceiling and mirrors, the original clear structural details of the new grec heritage are respected and scrutinized in the lobby. The precise geometric staircase leads to the living room floor, where the design is seamlessly integrated with contemporary custom furniture. The soothing tone of blue paint on Yuzu Onos aluminum artwork echoes mkcas custom silk carpet, giving the space a calming charm.






In front of the home is a modern dining room space illuminated by custom seed chandeliers. Outside the notable window, this 35 foot tall vertical garden uses carved clay to build the federal endangered flora. The precise angle and modern geometry of the garden facade are perfectly aligned, easy to maintain and plant dynamic.







The plan brightened the main building. Corridor type wardrobe uses chic exposed shelf, opposite is a well-made wooden door, hiding sufficient storage space. Mkca uses luxury wood in the master bedroom, bathroom and changing room to create a harmonious luxury atmosphere.



顶部是艺术家Sarah Oppenheimer设计的一个特定的天窗,它为建筑整体几何结构引入一个独特的角度,并将一片垂直的天空反射到一个迷人的图书馆,非常适合休闲和娱乐。一个真正的地标重塑。
At the top is a specific skylight designed by artist Sarah Oppenheimer, which introduces a unique angle to the overall geometry of the building and reflects a vertical sky to a charming library, which is very suitable for leisure and entertainment. A real landmark remake.






The design of stairs also has its own characteristics. Each staircase uses logs to form a three-dimensional trapezoid, and the steps are embedded with luminous strips to ensure the safety of going up and down the stairs. Metal fences are arranged in a staggered and regular manner, forming a visual sense of line, which is compatible with the W-shaped log floor.














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