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Ashley boten creates real, thought-provoking spaces that people instinctively want to experience. The case is a historical update recently completed by boten: a 19th century interior design redesigned for 21st century life, dedicated to exploring and promoting the boundaries of creativity through thoughtful and meticulous innovation, demonstrating the noble balance between renovation and restoration.

The room reflects the fusion of the old and the new, the high-rise ceiling and exquisite details have been restored, and the fireplace is a black metal fireplace. Fresh white color matching, spacious sofa and cushioned double seats create an attractive and comfortable focus. Spaces such as oak floors and cabinets, frosted marble countertops, brass fixtures and subtle palette are retro and modern. Botten infuses new life into the amazing original elements, while replica doors, skirting boards and leaded glass windows all infuse realism into the space.






白色与微妙的流行色,主卧室将历史细节与奢华、简约的家具搭配在一起。铅玻璃窗和华丽的入口细部与薄薄的表面安装壁灯、费伊·图古德(Faye Toogood)的雕塑罗利多功能扶手椅和一个木制苹果盒形成鲜明对比。这个房间完美地体现了一种真正持久的设计方法。
White and subtle pop colors, the master bedroom combines historical details with luxurious, simple furniture. Lead glass windows and ornate entrance details contrast with thin surface mounted wall lamps, Faye toogoods sculptured Raleigh multifunction armchair and a wooden Apple case. This room perfectly embodies a truly lasting design approach.








天花板从房子前面延伸到后面。在走廊里,墙壁采用新的造型,以及盟军制造商的木制和黄铜壁炉。在大房间右侧,一个低调的就餐区配备了Gam Fratesi设计的灰色甲壳虫椅和由Anne Botten设计的醒目的长方形花瓶。
The ceiling extends from the front to the back of the house. In the hallway, the walls are in new shapes, as well as wooden and brass fireplaces from allied manufacturers. On the right side of the large room, a low-key dining area features a grey beetle chair by gam fratesi and a striking rectangular vase by Anne botten.

Monochrome dominates the interior tone, and the designers commitment to compromise has been implemented from the beginning of entering the main living area. In the main living area, a pair of medieval Italian lounges sets off a 1960s Olivier mulger lounge chair, influenced by a eclectic combination of modern accents, country antiques and amazing period art.


The far wall of the living room, a restored marble fireplace, and lots of natural light can be seen from a pair of new windows. This design decision creates a dialogue between the interior and the exterior - washing the interior with sunlight while highlighting the lush garden landscape.









In the center of the home is a ventilated white dining room space interspersed with a series of 1950s black chiavari dining chairs and 19th century Italian folding screens. In the kitchen of Pala blancoma in Spain, the mixture of black and white, white and black continues. The latter two form a geometric floor pattern extending from the kitchen to the office, a common informal dining area in Spanish families.




Gori-Yoon设计了一个梦幻绿洲,作为米兰繁华街道一个隐居地。这里充满舒缓中性元素和柔和的几何图形,位于意大利洛瓦尼奥大道(Via Lovanio)上一座宽敞的历史性住宅内,距离加里波第港火车站仅一步之遥。
Gori - Yoon designed an oasis of dreams as a seclusion in the busy streets of Milan. Filled with soothing neutral elements and soft geometry, it is located in a spacious historic house on via lovanio, Italy, just a step away from the port Garibaldi railway station.






The design concept creates a perfect harmony between the existing buildings and the more forward-looking interior design. The stage is paved with a uniform layer of pigeon grey paint from the ground to the ceiling and an informal light wood parquet. In the living room, neutral tone embellishes the moss green sofa of 1950s style, curve sofa complements a pair of 70s PACHA chair. At the top are modern chandeliers and a pair of hidden chairs that combine the craft of classic rattan and leftovers with contemporary forms.





设计师Gori和Yoon将雕塑般的弯曲木椅和藤椅完美融入餐厅,一个吊灯给房间带来工业魅力,光滑大理石架在经典木材上提供现代感。厨房在原有格子天花板的干净线条下,配金色大理石和天然橡木橱柜。另一间餐厅在厨房玻璃门后,有一张Piero ssoni餐桌和丹麦现代椅,一盏复古法国灯。而房间LV皮箱与木质床、咖啡躺椅、金属床头灯十分相配。
Designers Gori and Yoon integrate sculptural curved wooden chairs and rattan chairs into the dining room, a chandelier brings industrial charm to the room, and smooth marble frames provide a modern feel on classic wood. Kitchen in the original lattice ceiling clean lines, with gold marble and natural oak cabinet. Another restaurant, behind the glass door of the kitchen, has a pieros Soni dining table and a modern Danish chair, and a retro French lamp. The LV suitcase in the room matches the wooden bed, coffee lounge chair and metal bedside lamp.






一个良好的遮蔽庭院和游泳池完成Espejo y Goyanes作为主住宅设计延伸的愿景,提供一个舒适的休闲和娱乐空间。
A good sheltered courtyard and swimming pool complete the vision of Espejo y goyanes as an extension of the main residence design, providing a comfortable leisure and entertainment space.











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