汪良珑 Carpe Diem Bar——如果相逢有形状

2020-07-14 09:28

“世界是个回音谷,念念不忘必有回响,你大声喊唱,山谷雷鸣,音传千里,一叠一叠,一浪一浪,彼岸世界都收到了。” ——李叔同 The world is a valley of echoes. The reverberations are unforgettable, like thunder in the valley, the sounds travel thousands of miles that reach the other side of the world. ——Shutong Li
“你我相逢,于黑夜的海上,各有方向,或记或忘,交会时互放光亮”,未见有时,相聚有时,分别亦有时。期盼, 相逢,离别,Carpe Diem 是人生的缩写。Carpe Diem 不仅是一个whiskey bar,更是一个陌生个体间可以轻松相识并共度一小段愉悦时光的场所。“带有纽约喧嚣年代印记,轻复古且注重客群社交体验”是本案室内设计风格的界定。 Life is a combination of waiting, gathering and farewells. Carpe Diem is the perfect example of that life.Carpe Diem is not just a whiskey bar. It is a space where people come together as strangers but leave as best friends. The social experience of the patrons perfectly resembles the New York hustle and bustle lifestyle”, this is the owners’ vision for the bar.


泛起的涟漪,交叉的轨道,波动的时间,生活中的点滴都能成为本案作者的灵感来源。 The rippling effects of our life, the crossing of paths or the passing of time, all these scenes of our daily lives are the sources of inspiration of the design. 从街边望去,一眼可见的巨大门洞是时间的第一重门——“过去”。门面正中的立柱上,沿柱面均匀分布着弧面处理的通高不锈钢装饰条。入户走廊两端设置了两个对称入口——纵使每个人的来处不同,但皆可能在合适的时间在同一地点相遇。 When you see the bar the first thing that captures your attention is the huge doorway that is widely visible from the street. The first gate represents the past. The small arcs are evenly distributed on the column and corridor to welcome every guest. Once the guests enter all their regrets are left behind. The symmetrical entrance will eventually lead them to meet at the same place at the right time.

酒吧在进口处的等位区细心地设置了腰靠,尽管可能选择不同的入口进场,但首先映入眼帘的,都是本案第一视觉中心——一个金属波形装置——“Echo”。 The bar has wall mounted stools carefully placed in the waiting area, where the guests can see the first pleasing visual which is a metal wave installation -Echo.


“Echo”紧邻代表时间第二重门——“现在”的门洞,又延伸到全场的第二视觉中心——吧台上方与酒柜融为一体,位于中心显眼位置却又神秘的红色幕布。 The second gate, which represents the present, brings your attention to the second visual focus is a red curtain that is mysterious yet placed in a prominent centered position that is integrated with the liquor showcase above the bar counter.
幕布置身于酒柜的环抱之中,而不经意间,如同夜莺般空灵的歌声从其背后响起。随着红色幕布缓缓拉开,幕布背后的舞台和表演者呈现在大家面前,这是一份给在场宾客的小惊喜。 The red curtain is surrounded by wine and spirits. Suddenly, a voice like the nightingale comes from behind as the red curtain slowly draws open and unveils the hidden stage and the singer. This is the first of many surprises for the guests.
设计师以自己的方式记录这个场域中每个人相逢的形状。以本案空间为捕网,以“波动”为关键词,以“时间”为线索,以“对称”为主要表现手法,并以“剧院”为舞台串联起空间叙事。在这里,人与人之间不再只是擦肩而过,每次眼神的交汇都会产生一次共鸣。 The designer uses the space as a “web”, the time as a clue, the symmetry as an expression, and finally, uses the stage to connect all elements to form a story. This story captures the different aspects of every meeting. At Carpe Diem, people do not pass by without a glance; the aura of the bar resonates in their face every time they make eye contact.

地面暗藏的黄铜线条,从入口的连廊开始往内场延伸,并与反向而来的线条交汇于第二重门下,与顶面装置两者一暗一明,交织出本案的第二波动。 The hidden copper strips on the ground extend from the entrance corridor to the inner court, intersecting with the copper strips from the opposite direction under the second gate. 吧台处,延伸到顶部的酒柜连同灯带映照的门洞构成时间的第三重门——“未来”,第二三重门之间大面积的灰色墙面如留白,待当下之人书写未来的无限可能。指引每个人通向各自的舞台。 The ceiling decoration is a mirror concept to reinforce the “wave” concept. The third gate embedded into the bar counter and liquor showcase, represents “the future”. The large gray wall is purposely left blank so individuals can use their own imaginations and find their way to their own stage.


人们也许是追寻着诸如第一视觉中心那样的目标前进,却也是冥冥中受着类似脚下铜条这样的伏线牵引而来到“此时此地”。走到吧台前回头看,二层看台浑然天成般镶嵌于牵引的波型线条中,交织出相逢的形状。 Guests may trace for “Echo” or be directed by the linear copper on the ground to the bar counter. While looking back, the guests can see the second-floor grandstand which was naturally embedded in the wavy copper strips of traction, interweaving to represent the shape of individuals meeting.


生活就像一盒巧克力,印着未知,充满意外,却也不乏惊喜。于是,Carpe Diem 定位在“及时行乐”之上,“为了未来”而牢牢抓住“现在”这一品牌精神内核,于此形成本案的第三主波动。 Life is like a box of chocolates, full of unknowns and surprises. Just like the meaning of Carpe Diem, the bar is positioned on top to represent the meaning “seize the day, enjoy the moment. The owners believe the future is shaped by those who know the importance of the present.



在有限的层高之中搭建的二层空间,运用黑镜,避免了空间的压抑感。黑镜反射夜晚的灯光,也让空间氛围更为神秘。楼梯侧面装有双向传感灯带,光影随着往来脚步移动,交汇。 The mezzanine space uses black mirrors to reflect lights and makes the space more mysterious, which prevents guests from feeling depressed in the limited floor height. The staircase is equipped with two sensor light strips that run from opposite direction, with the movement of the light following the guest’s footsteps.


拾阶而上,二楼中心圆弧形的贵宾看台提供了俯瞰全场的最佳视角。圆弧形的沙发将酒桌围绕,能给人带来自然的安全感。空间里折射变幻的灯光,令人着迷。 Stepping up, there is an arc-shaped VIP lounge which has the best view of the bar. While sitting on the built-in sofa following the lounge shape, guests can have extra sense of security. The changing lights make the space even more fascinating.

夹层的包厢与散台不同,内部以红色为主调,与外场的黑色对应,红黑一直以来都是最经典的配色之一,反差赋予了包厢不同的空间特质,让顾客在这里能有不一样的感官享受。 Not like the black color tone in the main space, The major color in private lounge is red. Red and black have always been one of the most classic color combinations. The contrast between the two colors gives the private lounge different spatial characteristics to which the guests can have a fulfilling sensory experience.

来处纷繁不一,去处不可预计,唯有此处偶然交会时候放出的光亮,是设计师与业主共同希望给予来访者的微小关怀。每一个细节设计都让人迷恋其中。 The past is endless, the future is unpredictable. The moment of gathering here in the present is what we can control. The designer and owners want the environment at Carpe Diem to illuminate the present moment of every guest’s life.

如果相逢有形状,也许正如水波之间的相互碰撞——不同个体如水滴不断落入时间的海,以各自不同的磁场散发波动,并与其他个体的波动不断碰撞,不断产生回响。 If gathering can have a shape, it might look like the collision between water waves. Individual human beings are “unique waves” that contains numerous ups and downs. The echo is from the constant collision between those waves. 于是人的一生,随着时光流逝,身边不断有人来来往往,交汇分别,共同谱写出,关于邂逅的乐章。 Awaiting, gathering and farewells. Carpe Diem is where you write your own unique story about life’s encounters.






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