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2019-11-19 09:15


For xi an with a long history, fengdong is unique enough. As the birthplace of the book of poetry and witness of Epang Palace, it carries the expectations and infinite possibilities of the history and future city. How to make it coronal with new vitality and show the charm of this city in the dialogue between history and modern times has become the focus of design thinking in this case.

In ancient times, the dark night since the fire (light), people used to drive away wild animals, heating, cooking and a series of activities, and then produced the modern civilization of mankind. Latin Lux translates into modern Luxury. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that people yearn for and worship the light.
In a building designed with light, it is full of possibilities and freedom. Whether it is shading the material or overlapping with the installation, the light will leave traces inside the building in a rich form. You will find that people move in the space from beginning to end, but the experience is full of ups and downs of exploration, watching, stopping, interactive fun.

The word time and light have countless connections, is a development process, is a historical summary. The building material glass is developed for this purpose. In the glass building box with full floor-to-ceiling frameless glass curtain wall and full transparency, the trace of time will produce a more profound reaction with the building material. Due to the delicacy of the texture of the building materials, the change of light and shade produced by time and light in the sky outside the window is stable and full of drama.

The building with such attributes is like a container and walk-in box, which not only shapes the relationship between internal and external space, but also adds the sense of time of the audience and walking. A box that can bathe and worship the light will be opened...

Enter the first floor of the sales office shock. Is to direct peoples eyes outward or upward. The designer deliberately broke the rigid and segmented boundaries of the traditional floor, and used the atrium and light to shape the art of interior architecture. After many times of communication, I opened a window above the hall and added installation art to the historic sky. Suddenly, a gap was cut. Mysterious light poured down from the top floor, and the light was filtered by optical net and spread softly and mysteriously on the upper part of the sand table in the middle of the atrium.


The hollowness cleverly breaks the barrier between the floors, bringing a transparent and open level and depth. Most of the space is developed around the vertical movement line in the center and the lighting atrium, making light the link of the whole project. Through the penetrating atrium, the line of sight travels up and down and penetrates, making the space play the role of connection.



As the area where the sales office needs atmosphere most, the water bar area is closely connected with the negotiation area. The negotiation area has been added with a minimalist lamp body to meet the light and create an atmosphere.

Twilight is the time that whispers. In such space, the light cannot straightforward, be clear at a glance. What attracts the guests is the naughty child sculpture on the water bar, which is a good way to shorten the intimacy of children. Suddenly, the childs nifty appears so natural.


Water bar upper part is no exception, arranged sky light, go out to having different light and shade change as time elapse, still have the shadow below metope crissccross, produce the halo of shed with outdoor landscape, the halo of waterscape is refracted indoors, experience blindly lukewarm xi time.





Starting from the concept of art gallery and taking exhibition as the concept, I hope to create a space that is not only for displaying objects. Good design will eventually lead people to a better self. Exploring the depth of the art gallery, one can enter the gallery on the second floor through a staircase with a very modern architectural sense. The various paintings are waiting for you to interpret, during which the staircase is not only a passage to change the upper level, but also a display space with landscape.


Designers have been thinking about how to interpret the understanding of people, nature and art in a most essential way. There is light and shadow with the season and the change of the sky in the space presents a rhythmic rhythm of feeling. I hope that the space is full of flowing and quiet natural forces, just like when facing the vast scale of nature, I can realize my smallness, unconsciously slow down my heart, and silently appreciate the time and art in this box.
Project name: poly and guangduyue sales office
Project address: fengdong, xi an
Project area: 653 square meters
Design unit: chongqing xinghan decoration design engineering co., LTD
Chief designer: guo bin
Soft outfit design director: hu chao
Interior design: huang kechao, luo yi, li jiahui, qinling
Soft outfit design: Yang xing, qin yanjie
Photography: photographic painting










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