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2019-10-22 07:35


Oriental ink style, will only beautiful temperament, build in the modern camp, the achievement of a more systematic structure of the ice city of summer, it is a simple and ethereal artistic conception, build a perfect linear, continue thousands of generations of spreading aesthetic perception, the continuation of the glory of the eastern Moscow......

UMA UMA design, in the ice city of Harbin, and the beautiful songhua river separated by the changling lake scenic tourism area, casting a swan neck like pearl Oriental elegance natural beauty museum.

The designer regards water as a design element throughout the project. In the narrative artistic space and time, space and time jointly mark a recognized whole, which is integrated and fermented in the era.

Time needs no language and the moss is deep enough to ignore the water. You say it is ink, I feel it is air, such as incense, from the Oriental literatis desk diffuse incense curling mist. Oriental artistic conception blends the coffee fragrance of small Paris, taking with 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings cross rhyme, walk into Oriental Moscow.



By the form of ink, the designer depicts the scale of life in the air, the flow of slow rhythm teng super sublimation, the fusion of dynamic and static, one by one, bearing the human sense of the soul background, full of life rhythm of space picture.


Waves like water sleeves
高迪说直线属于人类,曲线属于上帝 。所以,在天悦的建构里,那缭绕的曲线构筑,是属上帝的艺术。
Gaudi said the straight line belongs to man, the curve to god. Therefore, in the construction of heavenly delight, the wreathed curve is the art of god.


Extend dimensional texture to go to one end, the revolving stair that winds and goes up becomes the turn between Spaces, fluent arc echo is building structure, line at the face switch is like dancing water sleeve, condensed time and air charm, still resemble niangchang yuyi dance. The field is diffused in the air, the stairway penetrates the atmosphere like a spiral, and is impregnated in the radiation, brewing the modern Oriental charm.


Chihiro thin film ripples
Big strings are like rain, small strings are like whispers. CaoCaoQieQie play mixed, big pearls falling. Coagulation is not sound pause, this time silent wins sound......



The artistic installation raindrop between the stairs, which is like a vision of flowing light, tells the dialogue between light and shadow, and conveys the life track of time.

The stars all over the sky Milky Way is like the fragment of life memory fragment, between the space and time interlace prologue, glittering in the long river of life; The unique beauty of structure makes the rich meaning of art meet with space. In the blend of selflessness, there is nothing to ask, which explains the contemporary aesthetics of inclusiveness.


Construct space with rationality and integrate art into perception. The middle of the space is the sand table area, the horizontal and vertical layout shows the atmosphere, the design method of the central axis, not only clearly divides the space functional areas, but also makes the space become regular atmosphere.


Pure form, with aesthetic narrative. Space temperament is concise and reveal bearing degree, and the green that reduces saturation relatively shows fashionable breath.


Smallpox and bookshelf design layout is sedate and rich in rhythm, while emphasizing modern sense and artistic sense, it is bearing a kind of multicultural creative innovation and penetrating fusion. At the moment, the space is like the filar silk mood that arouses viewer to comprehend from another dimension, tipsy breath is in this so big space foil falls, raise a glass warm meaning, do not have wit.


Negotiate area with wooden color perforate, the bookshelf wall of bulk type shows book breath, in the base color of simple but elegant is dense below, Oriental silent elegance and contemporary contracted and harmonious phase is born.
The outline arranged in order, the infiltration of light and shadow, the rhythm change of the composition line and surface, freely overflow like water, and the mood is simple without triviality.


Looking for tension in nature, finally return to the perception of the human mind. Low-key and profound space construction, the traditional regional history and culture and modern culture integration. Walk among them, elegant and enron atmosphere is here, interweave the experience depth of space, derived from a citys times silhouette.



Superficial shadow, shadow drop virtual culvert
Look through the window, the window level as a mirror, the window light and shadow; The reflection is connected with each other, sometimes horizontal as a mirror, sometimes virtual, sometimes microwave sparkling, between the superficial surface of the virtual and real, exudes the quiet and plain beauty, slowly reveals the wisdom of Oriental aesthetics connotation.
Between example
The deduction of design is derived from the unique understanding of life style, while the culture is rooted in the natural outpouring of life experience, which is the reproduction of field and the emotional reflection of time passing by.


Modern urbanites are eager to return to life itself, UMA in the living space through simple modeling vocabulary, combined with modern techniques and artistic context to elaborate regional context and emotional belonging, Oriental elegant and modern fashion ultimate integration, fit the contemporary residential needs of the scene interpretation.



Elegant white marble gentle and vigorous, faint visible natural texture, into a simple concise surface shape plastic space artistic conception; The local ornament of orange contains infinite vitality, like the melody of a movement, variation symphony in the whole space, sweet and beautiful.


The shape of nature, the meaning of space. Or sit alone in meditation, or free to chat, life into a kind of enjoyment, a leisurely and carefree stay.

Human narrative, such as awakening. The elegant and warm field temperature dilates the poetry of dematerialization; The geometrical element of the stripe design that classical diamond grain element, interest sends, vogue wantonly collision, the fashionable simple sense of contemporary life presents one by one, quiet and poetic, gorgeous however not make public.
UMA UMA designs art aesthetics as a fragment of human history, with artistic visual presentation, let the story space form a field of cultural consciousness, through the context and build emotional resonance.

Project name: Harbin poly tianyue
项目地点:中国 哈尔滨
Project location: Harbin, China
设计面积:1200 M²
Design area: 1200 M squared
Owner: poly real estate group heilongjiang co., LTD
Party as management team: zhan yuhuan, Ben qi, li yue
硬装设计 : UMA伍玛设计
Hardpack design: UMA UMA design
Design director: xiong tuanhui
Participated in the design: zhu jing, CAI xiao, xu weibo, xin zhonghua
Soft outfit design: yuan he daqian
Lighting design: nakagawa zhuoshi, wuma design
Interior photography Chen yanming (except landscape photos)
Time of completion:2019/08









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