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2019-01-23 11:30
 © María González
(María González)
Description by the architects.
A Escala: Children's ethnographic exploration as a design guide in public space
The Fondart project 'A Scale' arises from the initiative to investigate, explore and implement new processes of participatory design in architecture with the aim of involving the users of the construction of their public space.
 © María González
(María González)
通过一个由两名建筑师和两名社会科学家组成的多学科小组,与儿童和教育方面的研究相联系,进行了为期6个月的民族志研究,以便观察儿童在各种情况下单独和集体地与公共空间联系时的话语和做法。观察组由智利圣地亚哥两所混合公立学校的幼儿园儿童组成,这两所学校位于La Cisterna和Recoleta镇。
Through a multidisciplinary team formed by two architects and two social scientists linked to research in childhood and education, 6-month ethnographic research was carried out, in order to observe the discourses and practices of children when they relate individually and collectively with the public space in various situations. The observed group was made up of kindergarten children from two mixed public schools in Santiago de Chile, located in La Cisterna and Recoleta commune.
 Collage. Image Cortesía de Danae Santibáñez
拼贴。图像Cortesía de Danae antibáez

Marcela Paz学校/Recoleta,智利圣地亚哥
Marcela Paz School / Recoleta, Santiago de Chile
During the moments of recreation in the Recoleta School, the look and control of the teachers were not perceived with such intensity by the children. Rather, the feeling, from our perspective, was the configuration of a divided and atomized space among teachers and between boys and girls. The teachers almost did not intervene in the student's games, at the same time, the lack of discourse about the presence of adults in the lives of children constantly circulated.
 © María González
(María González)
The results of the ethnography led to a material proposal that seeks to respond in a particular way to the conditions observed in each of the contexts. For its construction, the use of an initial wooden module of 1.6 x 1.6 meters was proposed, increasing its constructive efficiency and reducing the total cost of interventions. The choice of this module, through its repetition and variation, allows us to deliver two resounding and powerful answers; resulting from the same process (and research methodology), but with completely different configurations and specific to each case.
The intervention seeks to integrate teachers and children in a concentrated and protected space, which functions as a free appropriation platform for all its users. The dispersion of games in poor condition is reformulated in a central wooden square that revolves around a sand pit, incorporating benches that seek to involve the teachers at the time of play. In addition, vertical translucent panels are available that virtually close the space, but which in turn connect it with the rest of the patio. This new "core" is crossed by a path that incorporates it into existing games and circulations.
 © María González
(María González)
 Opening. Image © José Tomás Franco
开场。图像(JoséTomás Franco)
 Opening. Image © José Tomás Franco
开场。图像(JoséTomás Franco)
Architects Danae Santibáñez, José Tomás Franco
Location Diego Silva Henríquez 1107, Recoleta, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Category Kindergarten
Design team AEscala
AEscala Architects Danae Santibáñez, José Tomás Franco
AEscala Philosopher and Educator María Jesús Montecinos
AEscala Psychologist Lucas Sánchez
Financing FONDART: Chilean Cultural Fund
Area 38.0 m2
Project Year 2017
Photography María González, José Tomás Franco, Courtesy of Danae Santibáñez
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