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水墨山水灰 —— 范宽

△ 范宽《溪山行旅图》
Dong Qichang, a calligrapher and painter of the Ming Dynasty, commented on the Painting Traveling amid Mountains and Streams:  This painting was the first in the Song Dynasty.
Fan Kuan used a special perspective to look at landscape painting, which had a great influence on later painters. Xu Beihong said: there are two treasures of China in the Forbidden City. My favorite painting is Fan Zhonglis Traveling amid Mountains and Streams. The style of this painting is grand and majestic and even the works of 10000 people cant match it. This painting is also very detailed, a hill covers almost two-thirds of the whole area. How special and incredible it is!”.
For the lobby area of IEC office building, this not very deep scale is like the feeling of painting: the mountains are thick and majestic, and although people seem to be watching the distant scenery, they can feel like they are in front of their eyes.Under the existing conditions, Traveling amid Mountains and Streams gives the origin and support of the design composition. The staggered spacing of vertical lines is like dense rock forest, dry rock ravines, just like the feeling of mountains and streams in front of us. Space color and material selection painting in the ink gray and local ink black, it uses gray to show the artistic conception of space and the heart yearning for the distance.

The people who come and go in the office buildings are like the travelers in the paintings. They are busy in the high-rise buildings, steel bars and the jungle. Although the 9-meter-high indoor plants in the lobby are indoors, they still have the changes of prosperity in summer and withering in winter. Even if passers-by take a glance, they can feel the natural cycle of the four seasons in the building. The ancients evaluation of the original painting is quiet but lively. Its like a three-dimensional version of the modern Traveling amid Mountains and Streams.




简约的粗野主义 | 灰色诗意 | 科技的口感


△ Donald Judd,Untitled 1973 ©Judd Foundation




Donald Judd 的反向思考

△Donald Judd,15 Untitled Works in Concrete,1980-1984,©Judd Foundation


ProjectName: Lobby and public area of IEC building
Design scope:interior design
芙蓉中路三段569号 IEC
Location: No.569, section 3, Furong Middle Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China
Area: 4714㎡
Design Company: SMY Space Interior Design Studio
Designer: liang Ningjian
Soft decoration design:Da jing
Main Materials: gray stone, aluminume, stainless steel,glass

Aesthetics is based on the modern industrial order, and the precise digital relationship becomes the most rational design factor to realize the order. Scientific technology creates exquisite technology and materials, which provides the possibility of more accurate presentation for the realization of design and makes it more accurate. Therefore, the fine grinding and sketching based on the rough block make the line tend to be more interesting.
If design is no longer regarded as the creator of visual world and perceived authenticity, the analysis of the relationship between reality and self existence will become a new perspective design tries to explore new media, new prospects and new forms of communication between human and environment. Through intelligent interaction as a new catalyst to enter the place, the relationship between people and space becomes funny.


When people approach the corridor, they will feel the change of light and shade and the opening and closing force of the door leaves in the front hall, and the space will be divided into changing structural levels to form scene switching. And these interactive contacts in peoples consciousness to build a different scene trigger hint and behavior presupposition.






Donald Judd Untitled 1984 ©Tate
The design of the front hall area uses a lot of new industrial materials and is machined with them to keep the facade smooth and evenly arranged; subtle complementary relationship is used in color and proportion. It controls the relationship between surface and volume, space and space to achieve perfect accuracy. Space becomes fluid and powerful.




Space design uses less modeling as far as possible, and more fantasy, narrative and metaphorical content become an independent existence. We hope that people who enter the place can focus on the physical objects in front of them, reduce the energy consumption caused by identifying space and analyzing modeling, and then arouse their inner thinking and creativity.

Donald Judd,Untitled 1973 ©Judd Foundation




The way of light penetration and light and shade change peoples judgment of the existence of indoor form; it may be sharpened or softened. It is precisely because these forms can be clearly appreciated their changes that their beauty can be deeply felt and recognized by people. A large number of wood grain and white metal plate are used in the space facade to create a rhythmic rhythm by comparing the brightness and shadow between the wall and the door leaf. The sense of strength of the facade is strengthened between pleasure and tranquility, and between diffuse reflection and absorption of light, thus becoming a perceptible element of the place.







From the front hall to the open office area, we use the plane and arc geometry to give people a motivation. This promotion contains a certain intention - to express the transformation relationship between the two areas with the shape and their relationship, so as to guide people to understand the mood and atmosphere of the space.

These space blocks based on digital module are the space blocks based on order. The purpose is to turn the open office area into a dynamic architectural movement. These rough and solid elements highlight the most simple texture and sense of strength. When the light carefully carves every inch of the facade, the meticulous and real characteristics of the design industry are combined with the most essential thinking. The design of the subtle beauty that can be appreciated constantly makes Utopia that everyone can enjoy in it.








Donald Judd,Untitled 1985©Corten-steel




We give the water bar area and the open office area the unity of vitality with clear interface and segmentation. And through pure spiritual creation, they integrate the boundaries between work and leisure, and they are interdependent and complementary, so as to activate the atmosphere of the whole open area.




Donald Judd,Untitled 1991©Judd Foundation


Due to the need of deep work and clutter removal in the office area, the flexible separation of space is realized through the style like grid shape and simple and flexible vertical wall overhanging. Because of the different reflection and refraction of large area metal plate under sunlight and light source conditions, the site availability changes accordingly. The sense of weight and texture of material existence also establish a new office order. When the people in it establish a sense of stability of cognition and order, the purity and quality of the office environment can be recognized.



Conference space is a place for people to transform their own world, so the design concept is to use dynamic facade to switch different communication scenes, creating a more interesting and technical beauty. The flexible landing sliding door releases the ritual sense and surprise of scene transformation under the contradiction between rough and heavy body and flexible and dynamic.



The open and private office scene stimulates the cooperation wisdom among teams through the combination of harmonious proportion between rational order and retraction. This is a scene consistent with independent deep thinking and cooperation, self-identity and cooperation goal.



When the defined rough material becomes orderly, it will become a rhythm to guide people to observe. It affects everyone in the same way. Rhythm is balance, which defines the seriousness and liveliness of a place. Between perceptual divergence and rational regression, the refined vulgarism creates the possibility of a combination of peoples role-based cooperation and self creativity in the workplace.



ProjectName: SMY Space Interior Design Studio
Design scope:interior design
芙蓉中路三段569号 IEC
Location: No.569, section 3, Furong Middle Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China
Design Company: SMY Space Interior Design Studio
Designer: Liang Ningjian
Soft decoration design:Da jing
Design Cycle: October 2020
Completion time: February 1, 2021
Main Materials: metal plate、rock plate
Design Editor:Jin Xuepeng
















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