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2019-09-20 09:25
这是C102建筑事务所继1Rebel SMA门店之后,为该品牌打造的又一间健身房。该项目位于伦敦Broadgate Circle,面积约8500平方英尺。设计团队将原来的机房和储物空间改造成了一个兼具奢华与时尚感的现代工业空间。

Studio C102 has just completed the fit-out of the latest 1Rebel, a 8500 sqft luxury gym located in the newly redeveloped Broadgate Circle, London. As part of British Land’s extensive redevelopment of Broadgate, Studio C102 has transformed the previous plant room and storage space into a con-temporary, industrial space which is balanced in luxury and chic club glamour.

健身房位于圆形露天广场下方的地下室。受地理位置影响,Studio C102打造了一个比1Rebel SMA店更昏暗神秘、更能感染情绪的健身房。从街道旁的大门进去,首先会看到一个环绕着内墙的电影风格标志。再往里走,是一面由深绿色网格板所拼接成的门帘墙。1Rebel霓虹灯logo被放置在门帘上,与现有的绿色荧光灯一起,成为了入口区域一道独特的风景。与此同时,独特的绿光还为其余的地下空间奠定了场景基调。

Situated in the basement underneath the circular open-air square, Studio C102 was inspired by the underground location to create a gym with a darker and moodier atmosphere than at the first 1Rebel in St. Mary’s Axe, London, which opened earlier this year. The entrance to the gym stands at street level, and the first thing visitors encounter is a cinema themed sign which wraps around the inner wall. Gym-goers are then met by mesh panels and walls covered in dark-green welding curtains. 1Rebel neon logos have been placed behind the welding curtains, and combined with some green filters to the existing fluorescent lighting, gives the en-trance area a unique green ‘clubby’ glow which sets the scene for the rest of the underground space.

▼有霓虹logo的深绿色网格板拼接门帘,mesh panels and walls covered in dark-green welding curtains

▼蜿蜒的管道贯穿了整个接待区与零售区,the bespoke Kee-Klamp rail which snakes its way through the reception area and retail zone
▼从水吧望向接待区,view to the reception area from the bar
The reception area and retail zone is lit by industrial light fittings which add a distinct moody atmosphere whilst complimenting the overall gym design. A key design feature is the bespoke Kee-Klamp rail which snakes its way through the space, adapted for different uses as it moves zones. It starts off as an iPad rail which shows images and videos to passers-by through the shopfront before becoming a bench, then it turns into balustrading and a clothes rail for 1Rebel’s own luxury sportswear, before climbing over the reception counter and finally turning into more benches.

▼管道最终延伸成多条长凳,the bespoke Kee-Klamp rail finally turning into more benches


The floors’ uneven and velvety texture has been created by pouring the concrete on different days, and is in keeping with the studio’s design ethos of ‘using modest materials in novel ways’. In contrast the reception desk is made from white handcrafted tiles which create a stylish smooth curve to all the desk’s edges. A small pop-up bar with contrasting black tiles is situated in the middle of the reception area and provides welcome refreshments for the gym’s guests.

▼白色手工瓷砖制成的接待台,the reception desk is made from white handcrafted tiles

To continue the industrial club theme, 1Rebel’s two studio spaces have been designed as black box-es, entirely covered in black timber fibre acoustic insulation panels and recycled black rubber floors. In the ‘Rumble’ studio, the architects accentuated the circular space which sits directly under the Broadgate circle through the placement of the custom made boxing bags and theatrical lighting, creating a unique space for 1Rebel’s HIIT sessions. The ‘Reshape’ studio curves along the side of the circle and features Georgian wired mirrors with steel frames and 1Rebel bespoke benches which contain weights, eliminating the need to pause during workout sessions.

▼布满定制沙袋和舞台灯光的“Reshape”健身室, the placement of the custom made boxing bags and theatrical lighting in the ‘Rumble’ studio
▼配置有乔治亚风格的钢制镜框和1Rebel定制长椅的“Reshape”健身室,the ‘Reshape’ studio curves along the side of the circle and features Georgian wired mirrors with steel frames and 1Rebel bespoke benches
宽敞的更衣室与手工瓷砖、好莱坞风格的镜子、配有冷毛巾的SMEG冰箱和镀锌钢制储物柜一起完美的呼应了健身房整体的工业风格。墙纸和铜镶板储物柜使女更衣室的风格更加柔和。Broadgate 1Rebel的淋浴室采用了全新设计,定制的黄铜框边佐治亚式夹丝玻璃门将淋浴室分隔成一个个配有大流量淋浴喷头的单间。隔间外,暴露在外的铜管可以用来加热毛巾。

▼男性更衣室,the male changing room

▼女性更衣室,the female changing room

The spacious changing rooms echo the same industrial feel with the use of handmade tiles, Holly-wood style mirrors, SMEG fridges with chilled towels and galvanised steel lockers. The women’s changing rooms are softer with wallpaper and copper panelled lockers. New to the Broadgate 1Rebel are rain shower cubicles formed from bespoke brass-framed Georgian wired glass doors and which contain powerful rain shower heads. Opposite, the cubicles’ exposed copper pipes are used to heat the towels.

▼淋浴间,the rain shower cubicles

C102工作室的创始人Kyriakos Katsaros说:“我们的目标是将每一间新的1Rebel健身房都设计得尽可能个性化,同时又让客人在每次健身时都觉得正在享受夜生活。还是那句话,健身是人们自主选择的活动,而非达到目的的手段。我们仍然秉持着一种独特的设计理念,使得最终的设计兼具工业风与奢华感,且永远以顾客为中心。”

Kyriakos Katsaros, founder of Studio C102 said “The brief was to design each new 1Rebel gym to look as individual as possible while still keeping to the brand promise of every class feeling like a night out – an event in its own right rather than a means to an end. By responding imaginatively to the differences in the site, we have created a distinct sense of place. At the same time we have main-tained a constant design language and overall palette of materials, which draws inspiration from contemporary art and cutting-edge retail design, rather than the fitness sector. The resulting design is industrial yet luxurious and places the visitor at centre stage.”






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