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2015-12-21 13:00
架构师提供的文本描述。这座建筑由迪勒·斯科菲迪奥·伦佛罗(Diller Scofidio Renfro)设计,以纽约的高架公园、洛杉矶的博德博物馆和波士顿当代艺术研究所等项目而闻名。位于牛津和中心街道的交汇处,就在加州大学伯克利分校校园的对面,新班普法将为展览和电影放映提供示范性的空间,并能接触到本普法的历史和当代艺术和电影收藏。这座新建筑将成为该大学的视觉艺术中心,也是艺术和电影爱好者的目的地-学生、当地居民和来自世界各地的游客。
Text description provided by the architects. The building was designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, known for such projects as the High Line elevated park in New York; The Broad museum in Los Angeles; and the Institute for Contemporary Art, Boston. Located at the intersection of Oxford and Center Streets, directly across from the UC Berkeley campus, the new BAMPFA will provide exemplary spaces for exhibitions and film screenings, and access to BAMPFA’s historic and contemporary collections of art and film. The new building will serve as the visual arts center of the University and a destination for art and film lovers—students, local residents, and visitors from around the globe.
The new BAMPFA integrates the 48,000-square-foot Art Deco–style former UC Berkeley printing plant with a 35,000-square-foot new structure.
Visitors will enjoy two film theaters (with 232 seats and 33 seats, respectively), a performance forum, four study centers for art and film, a reading room, an art-making lab, a cafe, and an outdoor LED screen and viewing plaza. With its presentation of over four hundred film screenings and up to twenty art exhibitions annually, as well as an extensive schedule of public programs and performances, BAMPFA will anchor Berkeley’s downtown arts district.
The versatile exhibition galleries will accommodate an encyclopedic range of artwork. The primary film theater is equipped with state-of-the-art projection for all popular formats— including DCP, 35mm, and 16mm—highly sophisticated acoustics, and a world-class sound system from Meyer Sound.
 © Iwan Baan
(Iwan Baan)

班普法选择了世界著名的跨学科设计公司Diller Scofidio Renfro作为该项目的对象,因为它具有将机构与更广泛的城市和公共环境联系起来的独特能力,并在将历史结构的适应性再利用与重大城市文化举措中引人注目的新设计相结合方面取得了成功。DS R的设计支持了Bampfa的使命,并增强了它为社区提供非凡的艺术和电影体验的能力。DS R.合伙人查尔斯·雷弗罗(Charles Renfro)表示:“班普法的新家将利用它位于伯克利市中心和加州大学校园之间的位置,为游客和临时路人提供前所未有的视觉和实物访问。”“班普法将成为整个地区的一个新的社会和文化中心。”
BAMPFA selected world-renowned interdisciplinary design firm Diller Scofidio + Renfro for the project because of its unique ability to connect institutions to wider urban and public contexts and its proven success in merging adaptive reuse of historic structures with dramatic new design in major urban cultural initiatives. DS+R’s design supports BAMPFA’s mission and enhances its ability to provide the community with exceptional art and film experiences. “The new home for BAMPFA will leverage its location between downtown Berkeley and the UC campus by providing unprecedented visual and physical access to its programs for both visitors and casual passersby,” states Charles Renfro, partner at DS+R. “BAMPFA will become a new social and cultural hub for the entire region.”
 © Iwan Baan
(Iwan Baan)
“The design merges the old and new to create a permeable interface between the institution and the public,” Renfro continues. “The supple body of the new structure, draped between the original 1930s orthogonal buildings and snagged on their sharp corners, creates a dramatic public spine that begins as a cantilevered cafe marking the building’s entrance, and culminates in an indoor theater on the other end of the site. The sculptural form of the theater volume reinterprets the 1930s Art Deco–style of the press building in a contemporary language of ruled surfaces and precision-formed stainless steel.” Meanwhile the original north-facing sawtooth roof of the printing plant is retained, providing indirect natural light to the art galleries within. At the Addison Street end, the new structure is integrated with a large outdoor LED screen and plaza for public screenings.
 Ground Floor Plan

Special Features
Master woodworker Paul Discoe has fabricated joinery elements that add natural warmth to the building. The craftsman has built the stepped seating of the performance space, the admissions desk, and the counter and shelving units in the BAMPFA store using wood that was salvaged from the Canary Island pine trees that were removed from the building site prior to construction.
 © Iwan Baan
(Iwan Baan)
he new BAMPFA integrates the 48,000-square-foot Art Deco–style former UC Berkeley printing plant with a 35,000-square-foot new structure. The building will total 83,000 square feet, with 25,000 square feet of gallery space.
 © Iwan Baan
(Iwan Baan)
Windows along the Center Street facade of the former printing press building have been enlarged, allowing passersby to look into the building and see the Art Wall, a 60 x 25-foot interior surface that overlooks the multilevel performance space. BAMPFA will commission artists from around the world to create temporary murals on this monumental wall twice a year. For the opening, Chinese artist Qiu Zhijie will produce a site-specific work on the Art Wall inspired by the Chinese literati garden.
 © Iwan Baan
(Iwan Baan)
Babette, BAMPFA’s popular cafe, cantilevers over Center Street, offering sweeping views toward the Golden Gate and the Berkeley hills; it also provides glimpses into the galleries and performance space. A new feature of the cafe will be an evening lounge, Swig’s, which will complement Babette’s offerings with a special food and drink menu. The cafe can be accessed without paying admission.
 © Iwan Baan
(Iwan Baan)
Architects Diller Scofidio + Renfro
Location 2155 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704
Category Museum
Area 83000.0 ft2
Photographs Iwan Baan





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