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2018-05-11 17:00
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 © Héctor Santos-Díez
c.Héctor Santos-Díez
架构师提供的文本描述。通过整合室内设计和营销的伊万·科塔多(IVán Cotado)的战略室内设计,库帕决定创造一个空间,让它能够接待客户,并创造一个以品牌精髓为中心的难忘体验。而且这种体验伴随着游客,即使是在经过了它的设施之后。在这种情况下,陈列室的概念没有达到设定的目标,远远超出了单纯的材料样本。
Text description provided by the architects. Through the strategic interior design of Iván Cotado, a discipline that fuses interior design and marketing, CUPA decides to create a space in which to receive its clients and generate a memorable experience centered on the essence of the brand. And that this experience accompanies the visitor even after having passed through its facilities. In this case, the showroom concept falls short of the objectives set, which go far beyond the mere sample of materials.
 © Héctor Santos-Díez
c.Héctor Santos-Díez
 Floor Plan

 © Héctor Santos-Díez
c.Héctor Santos-Díez
The design of  the space revolves around an architectural metaphor formed from a cloister. A cloister that invites to "walk" the space in a perimetral and descending way accompanied by screens with presence sensors that show, in the visitor's way, the history of the brand since 1892. In the center of the patio a colossal slate tree, whose ramaje represents the 5 fundamental values of the company in various languages that symbolize its global character: honesty, effort, austerity, vocation of leadership and commitment.
 © Héctor Santos-Díez
c.Héctor Santos-Díez
在休息室、接待处或投影室等元素中,该公司通过自己的技术和专利展示其领导能力和产品的可能性,这些技术和专利将安置工作推向了极限,在这种情况下,公司通过CUPACLAD系统投资了一种重量巨大的结构,并展示了一个宏伟的弧形板岩屋顶。最后,一个装饰着公司色彩的休息室,由一家酒吧“Rachón”主持,让位于更衣室,那里是设计师经常放松注意力的地方,在这种情况下,这是伊万·科塔多(IVán Cotado)创造的体验谜题的关键部分。
In elements such as the lounge bars, the reception desk or the projection room, the company demonstrates its leadership and the possibilities of its product through its own techniques and patents that push the placement to the limit, investing, in this case, a structure of great weight through the CUPACLAD® system, and presenting an imposing curved slate roof. Finally, a lounge decorated with the corporate color and chaired by a bar of "rachón" gives way to the changing rooms, that intimate place where designers often relax their attention, and in this case is the key piece of the experiential puzzle created by Iván Cotado.
 © Héctor Santos-Díez
c.Héctor Santos-Díez
With a view of the mountain from which the slate itself is extracted, the visitor is accommodated in a seat personalized with his name that keeps the safety material that will be used in the visit to the quarries: boots, vest, suit ... In that moment when he puts on his boots while contemplating the mountain, Valdeorras, the origin of everything, the story of Cupa.. At that precise moment the visitor will be able to interpret the message and find for himself the reason for all that.
伊万·科塔多(IVán Cotado)设计了一个独特、诚实和忠诚的体验空间,其价值体现在它所代表的品牌上,其最大目的不是销售或展示产品,而是讲述一个故事,这才是它的独特之处。库帕展厅是产生最佳和难忘的客户体验的完美支持。
Iván Cotado projects a unique, honest and committed experiential space with the values of the brand it represents, whose maximum purpose is not to sell or show a product, but to tell a story, that is what makes it  unique. The CUPA Showroom is the perfect support to generate an optimal and memorable customer experience.
 © Héctor Santos-Díez
c.Héctor Santos-Díez
Interior Design Iván Cotado Diseño de Interiores
Location A Medua, Ourense, Spain
Area 210.0 m2
Project Year 2016
Photographs Héctor Santos-Díez
Category Showroom
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