ambiente 2014 the frankfurt design fair casts a spotlight on japan amid its new launches

2014-02-11 18:47
Chinese company JIA called on four international designers to interpret the classic bowl and chopsticks. Neri & Hu responded to the brief with a frosted glass bowl featuring a brass ring at the base
该国在日本创意展上也表现出了强劲的实力,雅马哈和三洋PVC等品牌与Ron Gilad和Jasper Morrison等设计师合作。体现了日本技巧与西方美学的精妙协作,这一规模虽小但完美的展览,却是对这个国家最优秀的人的一次愉快的洞察。来自大厅的亮点包括年度奖项名单,其中包括一个诱人的“最佳”展示。其中包括德国设计奖,由德国设计委员会第三年举办,“尊重产品和通信设计的优秀产品和项目,以及设计个性和新人”。
另一个亮点是Sebastian Bergne的“解决方案”展览(现在是在展会上的第三年),庆祝智能家居设计与日常问题的巧妙解决方案,这一次特别关注便携性和“移动”产品。
'Super Ennichi' installation curated by Japanese design representative Yukio Hashimoto
'Perspective clocks' by Tel Aviv-based Studio Ve
Yamaha took part in the Japan Creative display with a singing installation created in collaboration with MAP
Also at Japan Creative, French designer Pauline Deltour collaborated with gastronomic company Shibafune Koide on a poetic display of scultptural pastel-hued sweets
Sweets by Shibafune Koide in collaboration with Pauline Deltour
'Oriva' ceramics by Inga Sempè for Koubei-Gama, part of the Japan Creative display
IOOI's contemporary shisha designed by Italian-born, Munich-based designer Christian Zanzotti, winner of the German Design Awards Newcomer prize
Ladders by Japanese brand Hasegawa, which scooped a German Design Award prize
Ombré cups by Asa
Pro chair by Konstantin Grcic for Flötotto, designed to use in schools, was among the German Design Award winners
Iridescent copper mirrors by German Design Awards Newcomers Nominees Besau-Marguerre
'Georg' stool by Christina Liljenberg Halstrom for Swedish brand Skagerak, which also nabbed a Design Plus gong
Selected pottery by young ceramicist Jakub Kabat
Pottery by young designer Martina Zìlovà
'Amphores' by David and Nicolas for Vista Alegre
'Monobloc' foldable chairs by Bert Löschner
'New Crinkle' vases by M Komatsu for Ceramic Japan
'Kami' drinking cups by woodworking brand Takahashi Kougei, shown under the Asahikawa Woodworking brand as part of the Japanese selection
Israeli plastic specialist Starplast showed a selection of bright colour experiments amongst their more conservative products
'String' enamel kettle by JIA – it was the first time the brand used enamel instead of porcelain
'Flatware Pack' picnic package by Forexim, part of Sebastian Bergne's Solutions selection
'AluBag' by Hailo, winner of a Design Plus prize
Rosenthal presented a selection of works from its Research and Discovery Lab
'Format Unsealed' collection by Inesa Malafej for Rosenthal
'Pila' vase by Hanna Krüger for Rosenthal
'Collana' vases by Sebastian Herkner for Rosenthal
The bar at the Rosenthal stand featured a green wall with pots by sister brand Windowgarden
'Pad Box' desks with integrated storage and charging stations by Werner Aisslinger for Conmoto
Flat-packed shelves by Ambivalenz
'Toast' toaster, designed by the late Gae Aulenti for Trabo
Kay Bojesen's 1950s 'songbirds' were updated with a black and white palette, and presented alongside the Danish designer's classic wooden monkey toys
'One Piece of Lamp' by Studio Inbetween's Lee Kiseung
'Sweep It' by Stelton's sister brand Rig Tig
Vase and tray by Tue Traerup Madsen for Silo
Scarves by OeO studio designer Thomas Lykke for Japanese brand Kamawanu, which specialises in handprinted cotton fabrics
'Wakka' magnetic keyring by Mikiya Kobayashi for Japanese company Timbre
Shelves and accessories by Swedish brand Menu
'Yeh' wall tables by Kenyon Yeh for Menu
'Babula' pendant lamps by Krools
'New Old Light Outline' by Kimu Design combines traditional Asian elements such as paper lantern details with contemporary design
Patterned porcelain plates by Democratic Society for Kihara
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