dubais downtown design fair highlights the regions emerging role as a catalyst for the creative scene

2014-11-07 15:45
Installation view of 'Green Dunes', by Aldo Cibic for Blumohito, which greeted guests at this year's Downtown Design fair. Cibic has joined Blumohito to produce a new smart acoustic green vegetal wall - smart technology being central to new buildings in Dubai. Photography: Xavier Ansart
在第二年,市中心设计在迪拜Burj Khalifa脚下的一个专门建造的智能白色结构。继九月在中东举办的“伦敦设计展”的壁纸展展之后,参观这个展览似乎是相当合适的,因为我现在明白中东或曼娜地区(中东北非)是什么样的。
类似于“100%设计”的成立之年,这是上世纪90年代中期在伦敦首次被称为的(后来是在LDF的保护伞下发生的一系列事件的一部分),小而有效的“市中心设计”是简洁的,其策划者也很聪明。混合的大牌-科勒,赫尔曼·米勒,H stens,Axor,Bang
亮点包括从曼娜地区的宏伟设计,由拉米娅Bounina Ben Ed,Tunis画廊麝香和安伯的老板,她通常混合她在她的祖国代表的品牌:Kool,Moooi,盖娅。
Swedish materials firm Bolon linked with local UAE architecture firm Loci to inspire a locally designed and made product, 'Khatt', a garment hangar with a difference. Sublimely engineered the articulation of the moveable parts is solid and seamless. Inspired by Dubai heritage, the making of Dhow boats and driven by its locus, 'Khatt' came into being to answer a regional need for local design, knowledge, and handcraft. Made from wood, leather, and brushed stainless steel, the hit of Downtown Design
'Parallel Angles' seating, by Kuwaiti Nanu Al-Hamad studio, whose design philosophy 'remember the future' creates pared down playful furniture. Nanu Al-Hamad has studios in Kuwait City and New York City. Photography: Xavier Ansart
Arwa Hafiz from Saudi Arabia is the woman behind the Odd Piece Gallery and travels far and wide sourcing vintage, reclaimed, and antique and contemporary pieces which she restores and updates using vibrant materials she has found en route. Using silks, satins, slug weaves and any colourful array, the finished products are sold in her Dubai gallery. Photography: Xavier Ansart
Right: Kuwaiti Al-Hamad Design Studio’s 'Parallel' light forms part of the curated vision by Lamia Bousnina Ben Ayed, which reached out to a total of six countries from the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. Right: inspired by Islamic architecture in its astute way of distributing weight using minimal material and achieving great rigidity, 'Mosk' is a cost-effective product repeating one element eight times to form the whole. The smart stool, by Cherif Morsi from Egypt, also has a stackable version. Photography: Xavier Ansart
The d3 master plan a future mini city for Dubai, already in construction, the Dubai Design District is a purpose built community dedicated to promoting and nurturing emerging local talent and providing a creative home to established international and established fashion and design brands. Photography: Xavier Ansart
The interactive map delineates the different quarters of the entrepreneurial d3 scheme, which will be a cornerstone of Dubai’s design future, contributing to the GDP, generating jobs in design and developing design-led tourism. Photography: Xavier Ansart
Downtown Design took place in a stunning white structure at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world constructed by EMAAR, who also supported the fair
From left: Alserkal Foundation president Ahmad Bin Eisa Alserkal, LOCI partner and architect Hamad Najib Khoory, and Dubai Culture and Arts Authority manager of visual arts Khalil Abdulwahid
'Weaved Lamp' by Lebanese interior architect and boutique owner Nayef Francis, included in Downtown Design’s Musk and Amber collection, a group show curated by Tunisian gallery owner Lamia Bousnina Ben Ayed
Tunisian designer Chacha Atallah was commissioned by Slow, a young furniture and contemporary objects outfit based in Tunisia to design its first collection, including this daybed. Slow aims to transform designs nto products using local expertise and craftsmanship employing cabinetmakers, master potters, ironworkers and upholsterers to create limited edition pieces. Photography: Xavier Ansart
The Design Shop by S*uce (mouthed as Sauce) - an award-winning and innovative fashion shop with seven locations, five in Dubai and two in Abu Dhabi - at Downtown Design exhibiting Kartell 'Bourgie' lamps and selling curated eclectic wares. Photography: Xavier Ansart
Personalised Kartell lamps are part of the ongoing international remit to celebrate the 'Bourgie' lamps. 10th anniversary. Left: Khalid Shafar’s 'Marble Cake' completely devours the Kartell 'Bourgie' lamp, taking the brand's anniversary quite literally. Right: Zeinab al Hashimi’s 'Learn the Ropes'. Her vision for Kartell reminds her of her city Dubai, the organic implanted upon the industrial. Photography: Xavier Ansart
Left: Rana Salam’s Kiss Me Quick. The Lebanese designer has made a name for herself creating furniture and accessories inspired by Middle Eastern pop art. For her lamp employing a pop-inspired colour palette and motifs, along with three-dimensional butterflies, Salam’s belief is that pop culture influences everyone and within the culture there is no hierarchy. Right: 'Catching Light' by Nada Debs. From the UAE, the designer enclosed and stitched the lamp within a fluorescent yellow fishnet, evoking Dubai’s cultural heritage, a small fishing settlement until 1830. Photography: Xavier Ansart
The RCA stand at Downtown Dubai was under the direction of architect Ab Rogers, who was personally present at Downtown Design to instruct visitors with the latest technologies and innovations by post graduate students including Julian Melchiorri whose 'Silk Leaf' and 'Exhale' project has designed an artificial leaf capable of emulating the properties of a real leaf in photosynthesis. Photography: Xavier Ansart
'Gravity Sketch' at the RCA stand, a groundbreaking tool for creatives to quickly sketch their ideas in 3D space using immersive augmented reality free from any screen. Designers can develop ideas in an intuitive manner. The augmented reality visors allow others to see the creations in real time. Photography: Xavier Ansart
'Riser' coat rack by Mohammed Hossein Ghaderi from Iran. Ghaderi works diversely across many disciplines - figurative design, interior design, industrial design and calligraphy. Photography: Xavier Ansart
Lamp and 'Apotheke' flower vase - the latter 3D printed and satin painted - by Egyptian designer Cherif Morsi at the Musk and Amber stand. Photography: Xavier Ansart
Left: 'Bermuda' bar stool by Iranian designer Mohammed Hossein Ghaderi. Graphic elements are highlighted in much of the designer’s work. Right: the 'Cul de Sac' chair by Lebanese interior architect Nayef Francis uses a single piece of black metal and the leather is craftily held in place under the arms with a metal rod system. Simple, effective and robust. The designer explains its flexibility - when the leather runs out of steam simply replace or change the leather colour at whim. A highly original design epitomising the practical creativity of many young designers from the entire MENA region seen at the fair. Photography: Xavier Ansart
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