rca vehicle design degree show 2010 highlights

2010-08-03 12:05
Marten Wallgren (Sweden) The Grid is a concept for a car sharing system for 2025. The two-seater semi autonomously driven commuter car has the option for driving yourself or being driven. The vehicles within The Grid are covered with solar panels and together they create not only a grid for car sharing, but also an infrastructure for energy distribution. The design was inspired by artist Eva Hild’s clay sculptures where holes and surfaces are connected in an endless transition exposing the chassis. When the commuter car is empty the cabin is thin for reduced wind resistance and little energy consumption. When a passenger embarks, the cabin folds down and creates the required seats. The size of the vehicles means that they can be stored like supermarket trolleys where the batteries are then connected for an even distribution of energy. www.martenwallgren.com
一辆无人驾驶的出租车,一辆与ECO家相连的环保汽车,以及一辆具有强烈芬兰设计特色的汽车,都是2010年皇家艺术学院汽车设计学位展览的亮点之一。招聘才华横溢的新兴汽车设计师的温床之一-校友们-读起来就像汽车行业的名流-今年的展览让人对创新思维产生了莫名其妙的启发。瑞典设计师Marten Wallgren因其2025年的通勤服务理念,在皮尔金顿汽车大奖上获得了最佳设计解释奖。该电网是一种自主驱动的由太阳能电池板驱动的双西尔斯汽车,它连接到道路上的其他类似型号,以创建一个社区充电电网-一个未来的即插即用出租车等级。Wallgren告诉我们:“我想探索自动驾驶将如何改变汽车的结构。”当空载和自动驾驶来接住用户时,机舱就像翼型一样薄,以达到最小的抗风和能耗。乘客上船时,客舱会折叠起来,以创造出所需的座位。法官兼汽车设计师DavidWilkie说:“从今天的高科技智能驾驶和制动系统中,理性的下一步是消除对驾驶员的需求。”网格满足了社会和环境需求,开发了改善汽车共享系统和能源效率的解决方案,同时也满足了消费者的口味和偏好。
最佳使用玻璃的奖项颁给了德国设计师大卫·塞辛(David Seesing),因为他的共生概念。这是一款由双层玻璃制成的复杂汽车,其设计目的是通过汽车输送气流,以帮助提高燃油效率和控制温度。Seesing与建筑公司RogersStirk港合作,探索该行业对可持续建筑作出反应的某些方式如何能够帮助车辆设计。他告诉我们:“我试着从建筑师的角度来看待汽车设计,看看他们是如何创造建筑的,以及他们整合了什么技术,然后尝试将其应用于我的汽车。”电池是共生体的结构部分。他解释说,这是车中最重的部分,所以我把它放低,以便把重心放下来。“目前电池的形状有限(它们是平的),但是工程师们正在努力改变电池的形状。”他的概念车与一座建筑-Seesing为其绘制了一个原型-进行了接口,使用它创建了内部气流,不断地将空气从停在外面的车辆中拉出来。Seesing说:“这座建筑利用烟囱效应创造了一种人工气流,从而自然地通风了生活空间。”为了将车辆和建筑连接起来,汽车停在人工产生的气流中,当停在外面的时候,它会不断产生能量。这样,车辆和建筑之间就形成了一个具有恒定能量流动的系统。MikaHeikkinen的Aava是一款小型燃料电池驱动的宣传车,专为假设的2030年赫尔辛基冬季奥运会而设计。在奥运会期间,这辆车将围绕设计师所说的“真正的芬兰景点”进行巡回演出,而不是游客看到的人工景观。之后,这辆车将变成一个微型租赁系统。这位芬兰设计师告诉W*说:“这个概念的生态和纯材料被选择来反映传统的芬兰设计和遗产。这个设计是基于一个抽象的桦树雕塑的形式,我所做的是代表芬兰的自然。我选择了燃料电池发电,因为我们在芬兰有18万个湖泊,所以理论上我们可以独立于石油。我们可以生产氢气。能源、天然气和材料将是芬兰的,以实现完全可持续的解决办法。
The Grid, by Marten Wallgren
The Grid, by Marten Wallgren
The Grid, by Marten Wallgren
The Grid, by Marten Wallgren
The Grid, by Marten Wallgren
The Grid, by Marten Wallgren
The Grid, by Marten Wallgren
The Grid, by Marten Wallgren
David Seesing (Germany) Symbiosis explores the possibilities of connecting architecture and transportation to form an energy efficient living system. Inspired by architecture, the four-seater vehicle is restructured as a multilayered system consisting of three main parts: the interior cabin, supporting framework and the exterior skin. While piezoelectric crystals, integrated in the framework, create energy from airflow between the layers of the vehicle, the exterior skin of the car collects energy from sunlight. Air intakes at the front and the rear automatically control the airflow through the car. This is used to cool the vehicle's components or manipulate the air between the layers for thermal insulation to heat the interior by capturing heat from the battery and hub engines. The electric hub motors in all four wheels generate kinetic energy from suspending and breaking the car. The building creates an artificial airstream using a chimney effect to naturally ventilate the living space. To connect both vehicle and building, the car is parked in the artificially created airstream and keeps generating energy when parked outside. This way both vehicle and building form a system with a constant energy flow between them. www.davidseesing.com
Symbiosis, by David Seesing
Symbiosis, by David Seesing
Symbiosis, by David Seesing
Miika Heikkinen (Finland) Aava is a small fuel cell powered promotional vehicle designed for the Helsinki Winter Olympics 2030. During the games it will offer tours around Finnish sights, after which the vehicle will be turned into a micro rental system. The design is based on the forms of an abstract Birch sculpture intended to represent Finnish nature. The concept's ecological and pure materials have been chosen to reflect traditional Finnish design and heritage.
Aava, by Miika Heikkinen (Finland)
Bora Kim (Korea) Jekyll and Hyde is a luxury electric vehicle for Bentley in the year 2035. Created at the marque's Crewe headquarters, the car's surface is covered in solar panels to collect energy, and wind power helps to circulate air within the car interior. The bullet shape at the rear has been designed for maximum aero-efficiency.
Jekyll and Hyde, by Bora Kim
Jekyll and Hyde, by Bora Kim
Stephanie Waser (Germany) Heimweh is a modern luxury car interior inspired by Germany. All the materials and components have come from Germany - the seat cover is of deer leather filled with sheep wool, the seat structure is made out of plum wood, and door panels are ceramic structure with ornaments inspired by the traditional German cuckoo clock.
Seat from Heimweh by Stephanie Waser
Scale model of Heimweh by Stephanie Waser
Philipp Siebourg (Germany) The Suit is a vehicle that measures daily driving habits including the loaded weight of the car. A web-based user-profile helps drivers optimise their daily consumption so that they are financially rewarded for positive driving behaviour. www.siebourg.de/philipp
Jong Won Lee (Korea) The Car of Light explores how light could become another important philosophical and aesthetic factor in car design, by using examples that show how it can be used in the interior and exterior. The designer explained: 'I wanted to investigate the relationship between light and cars and possible influences light can bring to a car.'
The Car of Light by Jong Won Lee
Hyun-Joon Park (Korea) Marriage is a pair of vehicles that adapt to the needs of married couples in the year 2040. www.gotinspired.com
Rui Guo (China) GlideX 2020 is an electric vehicle for the ordinary Chinese citizen. The idea is for the growing number of first car Chinese buyers to experience owning a sustainable car in an educational way with the car giving feedback while they are driving. 'It is a great opportunity to implant a brand-new sustainable car culture and driving mentality within the largest population group in the world and eventually, a sustainable driving mentality will start to emerge,' said Guo.
GlideX 2020 by Rui Guo
GlideX 2020 by Rui Guo
Gabriel Tam (Australia) Peregrinate is a chauffeur driven concept car designed for boutique hotel customers. Its focus is to maximise the overall comfort and experience for the passengers. www.gabrieltamdesign.com
Peregrinate by Gabriel Tam
Niki Merriman (Great Britain) Expression aims to introduce expressive body language through clever surfacing. Each of the small individual body panels on the surface have the ability to move independently so that the user can show his or her emotions through forms expressed on the exterior of the car.
Expression by Niki Merriman
Expression by Niki Merriman
Dalibor Pantucek (Czech Republic) The eco Skoda Rapid (sponsored by the Czech firm) has a lightweight and aerodynamic frame that can change proportions according to the type of journey from highway to the city. The interior is designed from layers of surfaces with shape memory so that when the car is not in use, the interior can be used as a lounge area.
Skoda Rapid by Dalibor Pantucek
Skoda Rapid by Dalibor Pantucek
Anand Krishnan ThinQ is a future electric vehicle that utilises wafer thin battery technology, developed by Imperial College London, embedded in the skin of the vehicle. The project experiments in decoding the aesthetic for the new powertrains to come. krishnan-anand.blogspot.com
Augustin Barbot (France) Energy Way Of Life is a self-sufficient concept car. The lightweight three-wheeled vehicle develops 2kW provided by the vehicle and the driver through a special suit, which stores energy during the day and transfers it to the vehicle when driving.www.augustinbarbot.com
Energy Way Of Life by Augustin Barbot
Energy Way Of Life by Augustin Barbot
Young-Seong Kim (Korea) Celestial Cloud is concept for a future eco-friendly luxury car - Kim had a future Rolls-Royce in mind. Inspiration for the design is a cloud floating inside a clear box, giving the passenger a feeling that they are hovering above the ground.
Celestial Cloud by Young-Seong Kim




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